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From 52pojie.

Themida [] (18-May-2011)
improved VMWare detection

Improved compatibility with IE9 plugins

Improved compatibility with conditional jumps in MUTATE macro

Improved compatibility in antidebug for embeded protected DLLs

Improved compatibility in applications that are using STR_ENCRYPT and STR_ENCRYPTW at the same time

Improved Entry Point Virtualization in protected DLLs

Added SecureEngine option "DisablePrefetch" to increase performance in applications that are launched multiples times per minute

Added detection of too big VM/CodeReplace macros

XBundler: Improved support with Unicode folder names

XBundler: Added multi selection of files

XBundler: Displayed number of files to bundle in User Interface

XBundler: Improved support when bundling thousands of files

XBundler: Improved handling of GetModuleFileNameW

XBundler: Improved support of .INI files

Fixed compatibility issue parsing MAP files with very long decorated names

Fixed hang with Splash screen on specific .NET applications

Fixed random hang displaying a custom splash screen on specific applications

XBundler: Fixed compatibility issue with Yamaha MIDI keyboards runtime DLLs

Fixed minor introduced bugs in latest version with new cross-platform code


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