VB Decompiler Pro v8.3 破解版

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VB Decompiler v8.3 has been released (30.08.11)

What's new in this version:
- Calling VTable properties and methods from some form to any other
form now can be decompiled. For example if you change in Form1
property of object in Form2 - it can be correctly decompiled (Native Code)
- Parameters of object method/property is now typicle. If object
have parameters as boolean or single - it will be decompiled correctly:
single as float variable, boolean as True/False) (Native Code)
- Decompile declaration of all types of array. Multifield arrays and
arrays of object (array of Form or commandButton for example) also
supported (Native Code)
- Decompile __vbaVar2Vec, __vbaAryMove msvbvm functions
- Italian language translation
- Parsing control array index in events
- Parsing function return value (P-Code)
- Help files (English and Russian) is updated. New topics writen:
Opening file, Working with database, Saving the list of procedures,
Jump to address, The main window, Viewing of code, Decompilation from offset,
Language selection, Plugins
- Language files changed
- BugFix: Correctly calculate count of parameters in public sub's
- BugFix: Procedure analyzer and optimazer now correctly process second parameter in For command
- BugFix: Correctly process some types of VarType integer and long (Native Code)
- BugFix: Correctly detect end of some non-standard procedures in source mode (Native Code)



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