Armadillo.v8.00.Public.Build 汉化版

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Version 8.00, 30September2010

Changes since the Beta-1 release:

· We fixed some minor GUI issues.

· We fixed the following issue: The external HTML option for the Expired Message reminder screen was not fully functional for programs protected with the SoftwarePassport interface.

Version 8.00 Beta-1, 16September2010

New features:

· A new option for Client/Server Network Licensing removes the requirement that all client copies of your software must be the exact same file as the one on the server. Enabling this option allows the server to be an EXE file and the client to be a DLL or some other file type. The Allow Client and Server files to be different check box is available under Certificate Settings>Licensing Options.

· There is now a feature that may increase the startup speed of protected programs that use the SMART Serial Number hardware locking option.

The SMART option uses three tests. One of them, the WMI test, can take five seconds or more on some recent hardware (the more hard drives the system has, the longer the delay, we're told). This test is only used if the other two fail to retrieve the serial number.

The newly added Disable SMART WMI Test feature (under Project Settings>Miscellaneous) disables that test to increase the startup speed of the protected program on such systems. Note that if you change this setting, hardware fingerprints will change on systems that can't get the SMART serial number any other way, which could cause some previously-issued hardware-locked keys to be rejected.

Bug fixes and other changes:

· The version checking web page that is accessible by selecting Help>Check for new version of SoftwarePassport now includes download links for the current 64-bit Armadillo and SoftwarePassport versions.

· With v7.40, valid application versions (entered under Project Options in the SoftwarePassport GUI) would sometimes be rejected as invalid when the user attempted to save the project.

· Switching the key type for the PurchasedLicense certificate from Digital River Edition to Standard would sometimes also change the encryption key to DEFAULT, which is incorrect behavior for non-trial certificates.

· We fixed an issue with the SoftwarePassport installer to ensure that the ARM file extension is correctly registered when the user chooses a non-default install path.

· The "simulate expired certificate" option for test running protected programs was not working.

· We fixed some minor GUI issues for areas including the settings for expire-by-minutes and reminder screens.


Armadillo.v8.00.Public.Build 汉化版


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