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EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and Hex Viewer for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.

Version 3.20

- Hex viewer ('File'->'Open'->'Encoding')
- Supports FTP Groups.
- Windows 7 style File Open/Save dialog box.
- Polished UI elements.
- 'Cliptext' option added to the 'Settings & syntax' dialog box.
- 'Text to Speech' command (Tools menu).
- 'Load project files on selected' option on the Project dialog box.
- ^@ inserts current date in the Cliptext.
- Cliptext supports removing text around the hotspot.
- Restores word wrap status for recent documents.
- Restores window split status for recent documents.
- 'Minimize as Tray Icon' menu option ('Window'->'Others').
- -m command line option for 'run minimized'.
- Supports #NUMBER_PATTERN=pas, #NUMBER_PATTERN=asm in the syntax file.
- 'Insert File' command allows inserting multiple files.
- System code page list shows 'EUC-JP' if available.
- 'Numeric sort' option added to the Sort dialog box.
- Ctrl+Enter key inserts a blank line.
- Toolbar button for 'ANSI to HTML Entity' command.
- Moves the 'Embedded script' color option to the 'Preferences'->'Colors' dialog box.

<bug fix>
- Fixes incorrect maximized window on Windows 7 secondary monitor.
- EditPlus wouldn't start up when toolbar settings were wrong.
- 'Sort' on column selection could cause program crash.
- URL highlight did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
- 'Set Directories' dialog box could not accept environment variables.
- The directory view could not handle Enter key.
- When renaming in the directory tree, Esc key did not work.
- 'Go to URL' command could not handle non-English letters.
- Fixes a bug for the line space option.
- 'Sort' option on the Project dialog box was not persistent.
- Selections in 'Fixedsys' font could not display line breaks correctly.
- When saving new file, if path includes '.', txt file extension could not be added automatically.

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7


Patch File
- You must have version 3.20 already installed on your system in order to apply this patch file.
- This is a patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus v3.20

- If line space was not 0, Hex Viewer screen could be drawn incorrectly.
- If line space was not 0, URL highlighting could work incorrectly.
- On Directory Window, context menu shortcut key could shift down the selection.
- On Windows XP classic theme, some color schemes could draw grayed buttons incorrectly.

EditPlus KeyGen:

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