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HTTP Debugger 是为网站开发者设计的调试工具,可以对客户端浏览器和网站服务器之间的通信进行捕获、分析和调试。Internet 软件开发者能利用HTTP Debuger来分析他们的程序和互联网之间的通信。

If you need to capture and analyze all outgoing and incoming traffic between a web browser or program that uses HTTP protocol, and the web server, then SoftX HTTP Debugger is the program for you.

Each HTTP request and/or response can be analyzed to view the HTTP header parameter values, cookies, query strings, the source code of HTML/XML web pages and Java/VB scripts, error codes etc.

All captured web pages and images can be viewed in the built-in web browser control. All captured HTTP traffic can be exported into the log files either in the RAW network or in the decoded (how browsers see it) format.

SoftX HTTP Debugger works with all popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, etc) and their plugins. Software developers can use it to view and analyze the HTTP traffic of their own software programs.

Advantages of the Pro version:
Totally updated, modern Microsoft Office 2007 like User Interface.
Ability to view/analyze HTTP traffic of other users on the same computer.
Ability to view/analyze HTTP traffic of Windows NT Services.
Ability to highlight HTTP requests/responses according to your rules.
Ability to apply filtering and/or highlighting rules to the existing data on the fly.
Ability to export data directly to Microsoft Excel.
Ability to find (locate) HTTP requests/responses in the program window.
A lot of minor improvements.


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