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What's new in this version:
- Windows 8 is fully supported
- Decode UTF8 names (.NET)
- Jumping by clicking on a procedure name
- Popup menu for the treeview is now allow to copy a name of the item
- Popup menu for the code view with the Copy and Select All operations
- Show the virtual addresses of the string references in code (.NET)
- Syntax highlighting for branches (.NET)
- Show TypeDef table content (.NET)
- Process filters for SEH handlers (.NET)
- String references dialog is now sizable
- Caching the color highlighted procedures in standard control
- Splash screen (show loading process at decompiler start)
- Saves parameters of the main window (left, top, width, height and splitter position)
to the registry and restoring it after launching the VB Decompiler.
- New code highlighting control based on SynEdit sources
- New color scheme and code highlighting scheme
- Drag'n'drop files is accepted to the whole form
- Show the different icon in the API declarations (.NET)
- BugFix: Correctly update checkboxes after resizing the windows
- BugFix: Correctly process ldloc and stloc opcodes (.NET)
- BugFix: Correctly process tables alignment (.NET)
- BugFix: Correctly process tables if count is more than 44 (.NET)
- BugFix: Correctly Patch data using Patch data dialog
- BugFix: Correctly proccess parameters of the last MethodDef table field (.NET)
- BugFix: Correctly emulate labels and finally markers (Native Code)
- BugFix: Correctly process user classes with the incorrect RTTI (Native Code)




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