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FLAIR -- Fast Library Acquisition for Identification and Recognition

FLAIR utilities allow you to create your own signature files from
OBJECT or LIBRARY files for IDA Pro v3.8 or higher.

FLAIR consists of the following executables:

plb         parselib  processes OMF  libraries and creates PAT file
pcf             parsecoff processes COFF libraries and creates PAT file
pelf            parseelf  processes ELF  libraries and creates PAT file
ppsx            parsepsx  processes PSX  libraries and creates PAT file (Sony Playstation)
ptmobj          parsetobj processes Trimedia libraries .... .... ....
pomf166         Keil C166 object files (old format)
sigmake         sigmake takes PAT files as input and creates SIG file
zipsig          zipsig compresses and uncompresses SIG files
dumpsig         dumpsig dumps contents of SIG file in a text form.

Typical scenario of a signature creation is:
 - run a parser and create pattern (PAT) files
 - run sigmake and get EXC file with collisions
 - edit EXC file and resolve collisions
 - run sigmake again and get SIG file
 - repeat the above 2 steps till collisions exist
 - run zipsig and get compressed SIG file



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