The Enigma Protector v2.21

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What's new: The Enigma Protector 2.21 Build 11 November 2010

Minor GUI improvements
Added better GUI unicode support
Bug fixed verifying ansi registration keys
Added additional unicode support for some features
Many minor GUI improvements
Bug fixed porotecting files with uncompressable data (files with a low entropy)
Bug fixed with SSL option in Mailer
Added Windows User Name hardware lock
Added Files Entry Point virtualization
Added quite modes for console versions
Added keygen64.dll for x64 keys generators
Improved hooking of Windows API
Improved compression routine
Minor GUI improvements
Improved virtualization of some exception handlers of Delphi applications
Improved keys verification routine regarding processing of illegal symbols in the key
Bug fixed processing particular VM markers

From UPK. By KuNgBiM.


 [The Enigma Protector v2.21]

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