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[!] Fixed marked detection in MinGW files
[!] Fixed import protection bug in 64-bit files
[!] Fixed virtualization of FILD WORD PTR [XXXX] instruction
[!] Fixed the incorrect disassembling of PSRLW instruction
[!] Fixed DLL Box errors with some antivirus applications[*] VMP files are now in XML format[*] Scripts are stored in VMP files as well, VMS are not used anymore[*] Ultimate: License Manager is moved to VMProtect interface[*] Ultimate: the speed of code locked to serial number is significantly improved
[+] Added support of MinGW map files
[+] Added support of JCLDEBUG library
[+] Scripts: new method Clear in TPEDirectory
[+] Scripts: new properties InputSize and OutputSize in TVMProcedure
[+] Ultimate: Two new API functions in SDK: VMProtectBeginVirtualizationLockByKey and VMProtectBeginUltraLockByKey

Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xoa34r
Mirror      : http://www.multiupload.com/ZCBVRO5WIT
115         : http://u.115.com/file/f82bdc38e7

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