VB Decompiler v8.0

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 What's new in this version:
- Detect correct end of code in pure disassembler mode
- Decompile negative values in object sizes
- Generate "Else" constructions in P-Code
- Detect "Exit For" command
- Selection FRX files in FRXView plugin using keyboard
- ProgressBar in Windows 7 taskbar
- Decompile LitVarUI1 P-Code opcode
- Decompile ImpAdCallNonVirt P-Code opcode
- Multilanguage interface now supported
- Spanish interface translation
- French interface translation
- German interface translation
- Russian interface translation
- Slovak interface translation
- Spanish help file
- German help file rewriten
- Unpacker engine improved, disassembler rewriten
- Decompile real API calling in P-Code (used in obfuscated applications)
- Resize support for String References window
- Unpacking timeout increased
- BugFix: Decompilation MemStAd opcode in P-Code rewriten
- BugFix: Decompilation New opcode in P-Code rewriten
- BugFix: Declare variables in Lite version
- BugFix: Clear old VB5/6 prototypes before .NET decompiling
- BugFix: "Unknown compiler" error in chinese locale with VB5/6 applications
- BugFix: MAP file saving in non English locales



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