PROTECTiON iD v6.4.0 released

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Protection ID v6.4.0 - [2010.07.08]

core additions / changes
- new: added in whois capabilities to IP/Name resolver
- new: compiler detector updated to detect:
- more Borland Delphi
- more Visual C/C++
- more MinGW
- Visual Objects
- Liberty BASIC
- REALbasic

- update: changed output for rar/zip etc. wich is non protection related to be displayed in the logwindow only.
protection report will only display protected files like securom/starforce containers etc.
- update: some tweaks for the shortcut creation system
- bugfix: possible digital signature check crash fixed
- bugfix: peid extension code tweaks & some fixes
- bugfix: fixed closing a bad handle

detection additions / changes
- new: check_cenega.asm - added in Cenega ProtectDVD detection (custom protection for cenega .pl games)
- new: check_protectdisc.asm - added in generic v9.27 (or higher) detection
- new: check_protectdisc.asm - added in exact Protect DiSC versions for v9.26, v9.28 & v9.30
- new: check_steam.asm - added in Valve CEG - Custom Executable Generation detection for Steam exe's
- new: check_ubidrm.asm - added in UBISoft Online DRM detection

- new: check_armadillo.asm - added in Armadillo v7.20 (or newer) detection
- new: check_asprotect.asm - added in ASProtect v2.56 (or newer) detection
- new: check_boxedapppacker.asm - added in detection for BoxedAppPacker bundled files
- new: check_clisecure.asm - added in detection for CliSecure .NET Code Protector
- new: check_codewall.asm - added in detection of CodeWall Technologies .NET Protector
- new: check_dyamarobfuscator.asm - added in DYAMAR Obfuscator detection
- new: check_enigmaprotector.asm - detection of Enigma Protector v2.xx wrapped files
- new: check_obsidium.asm - added in Obsidium v1.4.0.0 (or newer) detection
- new: check_reflexivearcade.asm - added in Reflexive Arcade Wrapper version info for build 179, 180, 181, 182, 183 & v184
- new: check_safeengine.asm - added Safengine Licensor v1.7.2.0 (or newer) detection
- new: check_salamandernet.asm - added in detection of Salamander .NET Protector & the core.dll (incl. version)
- new: check_shoecakedrm.asm - added in detection of Shoecake Games Activation
- new: check_softanchor.asm - added in UniLoc SoftAnchor detection
- new: check_themida.asm - detection of Themida using a new variant of Hide from PE Scanner
- new: check_xenocode.asm - added in detection for Xenocode Postbuild 2009
- new: check_xenocode.asm - added in detection for XenoCode Virtual Application Studio 2010

- new: check_apecsoftswftoexe.asm - added in ApecSoft SWF2EXE Converter v1.0 module detection
- new: check_babelobfuscator.asm - added in Babel .Net Obfuscator v3.x (or higher) detection
- new: check_exedefender.asm - added in ExeDefender v1.0 detection
- new: check_larp.asm - added in LARP v2.x detection
- new: check_netspider.asm - added in NET.Spider v1.0 (or older) and v1.1 (or higher) detection
- new: check_noobyprotect.asm - updated to detect NoobyProtect v1.7.x.x
- new: check_refruncycrypter.asm - Refruncy Crypter detection added
- new: check_scobfuscator.asm - added in SC Obfuscator detection
- new: check_scpack.asm - added in SC Pack v0.1 & v0.2 detection
- new: check_vprotect.asm - rewritten to detect VirtualizeProtect v1.0 (or newer)
- new: check_yincrypt.asm - added in YinCrypt v1 (Public) detection

- new: license_activelock.asm - added in ActiveLock Licensing Module for DotNET detection
- new: license_icelicense.asm - added in detection of IonWorx - ICE License
- new: license_iceni.asm - added Iceni Technology License Wrapper detection
- new: license_interlok.asm - added iLok USB device driver detection
- new: license_protectionplus.asm - added in detection of the Protection Plus v4.6 Wrapper

- new: dongle_marx.asm - now detects the MARX CryptoBox PE Envelope
- new: dongle_proteqcompact.asm - added in Proteq Compact-500 Dongle detection + driver & version reporting
- new: dongle_sentry.asm - added in detection for the Sentry Hardware Lock USB driver + version
- new: dongle_softdog.asm - added in SoftDog driver check + version reporting

- new: installer_adobeextract.asm - added in Adobe Extractor detection
- new: installer_nanozip.asm - added NanoZip SFX Module detection

- improved: check_activemark.asm - ActiveMark is now detected properly in games with a digital signature
- improved: check_copyminder.asm - updated CopyMinder scan, does now detect on a game it didn't see before
- improved: check_dotnetreactor.asm - rewritten dotNet Reactor detection (more accurate)
- improved: check_ea_custom.asm - update cucko detection with another pattern using a new routine
- improved: check_execryptor2.asm - added in another generic check & updated to detect on 2 files it didn't 'see' before
- improved: check_moleboxultra.asm - now detects on MoleBox Virtualization Solution v4.2321 too
- improved: check_pecompact.asm - added in two more generic checks
- improved: check_popcapdrm.asm - now detects on recent popcap games too
- improved: check_protectdisc.asm - better handling for newer versions
- improved: check_securom.asm - updated to detect SecuROM SLL files a bit better
- improved: check_securom.asm - improved paul.dll detection (were version info is removed)
- improved: check_solidshield.asm - added in another generic check for the core.dll
- improved: check_themida.asm - tweaked, detects now on a file it did not 'see' before
- improved: check_upx.asm - added in another check for unknown / modified UPX
- improved: check_vmprotect.asm - added in another generic check

- improved: check_cryptic.asm - added in another check for Cryptic v2.0
- improved: check_darkcrypt.asm - updated DarkCrypt 1.2 detection with heuristic check
- improved: check_gieprotector.asm - added in two more checks for Gie Protector v0.2
- improved: check_mpress.asm - updated to handle MPress v2.12 (and newer)
- improved: check_noobyprotect.asm - NoobyProtect code adjusted to handle 2 files it didn't 'see'
- improved: check_pearmor.asm - added in another check for a newer version
- improved: check_pecrypt.asm - tweaked code results in faster scanning
- improved: check_privateexe.asm - updated detection code for v3.x
- improved: check_rdgpolypack.asm - tweaked, now detects on an exe it did not see before (...打我PG我不乖... ReverseB00n)
- improved: check_safeengine.asm - updated Safengine Licensor with another check
- improved: check_yodacrypt.asm - tweaked YodaCrypt v1.3 detection (does now detect on an exe it didn’t see before)
- improved: check_zprotect.asm - ZProtect signature updated + it detects unknown versions now

- improved: dongle_copylock.asm - added detection for another variant
- improved: dongle_dinkey.asm - now detects on an application it did not 'see' before
- improved: dongle_rockey.asm - updated to detect Rockey2 on an application it did not 'see' before
- improved: dongle_softdog.asm - updated with another check for SoftDog dongles

- improved: installer_7zip.asm - another variant of 7z SFX gets detected now
- improved: installer_bitrock.asm - rewritten BitRock InstallBuilder detection to be more generic
- improved: installer_install_anywhere - added another check for (newer) InstallAnywhere Self Extractor Modules

- bugfix: check_securom.asm - fixed matroschka detection in securom - the name output was fucked on a recent exe
- bugfix: dongle_copylock.asm - fixed internal bug
- bugfix: installer_gkwaresfx.asm - fixed double output



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