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  • Armadillo Nanomites Fixer v1.2 [Public Release] and v1.0 ArmNF.dll from NeVaDa. New options in Armageddon allow for using the built-in functionality of the dll which is similar to using the standalone tool, but more convenient.
  • PEiDLL.DLL  v1.06 By BoB built on PEiD 0.94 by snaker, Jibz & Qwerton. The UserDB.TXT file supplied by diablo2oo2. It's a collection of many userdb's (~4400 signatures). This userdb is free of dupes and it's sorted.
  • ARImpRec.DLL - 1.6.4 by Nacho_dj with many updates over the previous versions.
  • + An important bug fixed about IAT Size when rebuilding imports by relocations
  • + Fixed a bug when rebuilding resources
  • + Improved detection of overlay offset
  • + Fixed rebuilding resources from other section than .rsrc
  • + Fixed a bug when rebuilding imports by relocations
  • + Added a new type of compiled to rebuild properly all sections
  • + Added more possibilities to rebuild overlay
  • + Improved detection of pdata section
  • + Added some checks about PE header of dump
  • + Fixed a bug when getting forwarded functions related to Wsock32.dll/ws2_32.dll
  • + Fixed a bug that was destroying export table
  • + Fixed a bug related to pointers for PE header names
  • + Improved the rebuilding of sections and relocations for Delphi and Borland C++ targets
  • + Recoded the Rebuild imports procedure to cover different compiled executables
  • + Fixed a bug when rebuilding original IT for VC++ targets
  • + Added support for UPX targets using overlay
  • Internal updates to support the functionality above
  • New options group box supports the loading and saving of preconfigured Armageddon initialization (*.ini) options files
  • Option to bypass 2nd .text section
  • plus some minor bug fixes.


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