VMProtect API Turbo Tracer 1.0 for VMP1.7-2.06 BY LFC-AT

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From tuts4you, By LFC-AT.


so this time I will release my newest script for VMProtect targets and dll files.So it's a completly new wriiten script and no compare to my older VMProtect OEP & Unpack Helper script.So I have added many new features which will help you to get your VMP target unpacked so that you can use it also on other systems.I also record again some movies for you where I explain what you have to do and I collected 18 diffrent VMP UnpackMe's from 1.7 - 2.06 which you will also see in the movies.I will add the UnpackMe's too in the next post.

VMProtect API Turbo Tracer 1.0
( 1.) Basic OEP Finder            [Intelli Version]   
( 2.) VP & LA Anti Dump Redirection & Dumper         
( 3.) Auto API Scanner             [Value & System]   
( 4.) Manually Section Serach Choice             x3   
( 5.) API Value Calculator                           
( 6.) Auto API Section Writer & Dumper               
( 7.) Use This Script Also For Dumped Files!         
( 8.) Supports VMProtect 1.8 - 2.x                    
( 9.) Exe & DLL Support            [NO VMP DLL Box]   
( 10.) Borland Delphi v.2010 Support! OEP 2. Sec.      
( 11.) NO CPUID Fixing!                                
These are all features which I have added in the new script and I think that the script can also handle your targets too.In the movies you will also see how to rebuild some stolen OEP bytes in some UnpackMes.

View in that order:
Movie 01| Manually OEP Find & Rebuild Exsamples
Movie 02| Script OEP Find & Rebuild Exsamples
Movie 03| Script Unpack API FIX OF A Exe File
Movie 04| Script Unpack API FIX OF A Dll File

So I have to split the whole package in two parts so it has more than 20 MB and I will add part 2 of 2 and the UnpackMe's on the next post.So then have fun and if something not works or you have a question about it then post a post on this topic.











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