Fix for GMAIL Username, Password Not Accepted Error after GMAIL Password Change

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在修改Gmial的登录密码后,用邮件客户端(如Outlook Express)收取邮件时虽说密码正确,但总会出现连不上的情况,频繁提示你输入密码,无法登录账户收取邮件。


登录邮件服务器时出错。“密码”被拒绝。 帐户: 'sjh717142', 服务器: '', 协议: POP3, 服务器响应: '-ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.', 端口: 995, 安全(SSL): 是, 服务器错误: 0x800CCC90, 错误号: 0x800CCC92


1. Disable all POP clients you're using to read Gmail messages. (If you
use one at work and one at home, please disable both.)

2. From the computer on which your POP logins are failing [I did this from the browser in BLAZER on the 650], visit

3. Enter your Gmail username and password, and the letters in the
distorted picture.

4. Once you have successfully logged in, restart your mail client and
try to download your mail.


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