Labspec 软件使用手册[PDF]

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Labspec software user guide(仪器软件使用说明),PDF格式。


LabSpec is a complete Raman software that takes you all the way from system set up, through data measurement to data processing and report generation.  Key functions of LabSpec include:

  • Raman spectrum acquisition
    • Select laser and grating
    • Setup entrance slit width and confocal hole diameter
    • Setup spectral range (or ranges) with seamless stitching
    • Select detector
    • Automated cosmic ray (spike) removal
    • Simultaneous visualization of the sample and the laser spot – no doubt in where you are measuring
  • Raman map acquisition
    • Setup mapping properties – lateral (XY), axial (Z), volume (XYZ), time, temperature and more
    • Select mapping method
      Point by point
    • Acquire optical images for comparison with Raman images
    • Automated seamless video montaging for large area visualisation and mapping
  • Raman data analysis and processing
    • Pretreatment
      Baseline correction
      Offset correction
      Cosmic ray (spike) removal
      Subtract a solvent/substrate spectrum
    • Spectrum and map processing
      Integral intensity – interactive, intensity ratio
      Peak fitting – map the result
      Modeling – multivariate analysis
    • Image processing
      Colour scales
      Independent R,G,B contrast/brightness
      Intensity profile of an image - curve fit to measure the size of spatial features
    • Other operations
      Unary and binary operations
      Offset noise spectra
      Combine a group of spectra into a map

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