Crackproof Your Software by Pavol Cerven[PDF]

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This book is designed to help all programmers who have ever written their own software to better protect their software from illegal copying. It will also be useful to programmers creating freeware who wish to protect their source code.
The idea to write a book like this came to me some time ago when I realized how poorly the topic is covered and how difficult it is to acquire the information necessary to adequately protect software. When I was involved with game production in the Czech and Slovak Republics, I was astonished at how simple their protection was, and that very often they had no protection at all — yet it is so easy to protect software, at least at a basic level. The problem lies in the lack of information and experience in this field. That's why I wrote this book, which
will present many previously unaddressed topics concerning software protection.


Crackproof Your Software by Pavol Cerven[PDF]

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