Unpacking VMProtect 2.x

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as I promised here comes the next movie tutorial and a updated script which now also supports VMProtect 2.0.As always you can see in the movie how to use it correctly.My unpack target which I have selected was the VMProtect 2.0 Ultimate itself [Demo] version.I also declare you how to rebuild the OEP in this target.Moreover you will see a second show movie about the VMProtect itself which I also unpacked.This version has some more features than the Ultimate version.

So I fixed also some small bugs in the script and added some more functions.So read all messages which you get with attention before you press a button.For VMP 1.8 - 2.0 you can choose the API TRACER to get all needed addresses,dwords,api´s,module infos into a new file.The trace proccess can take a longer time if you work with a low system so for this problem I have added the possibility that you can always cancel the current proccess.Just stop the script if you want......if you then restart Olly and the script then it will work further from the last stop.

Some words to the "PE Header Fixing".This you will need for example for the VMProtect itself so till now it was the only target which I have found which used this protection but I added the fix function also now in the new script.Just use it if you need it.It can also prevent some "File corrupted!...." messages.If you get still this message after fixing the PE then your target can also use some CRC checks.
Unpacking VMProtect 2.0 - 10.5MB

Unpacking VMProtect 2.0 - 10 x DL

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